It Was Out of Love presents the valuable lessons a husband learns about love, forgiveness, and God’s perfect timing, when his dying wife confesses a thirty-year deception and rededicates her life to Jesus Christ. Although this book reads like a romantic mystery novel, this is a true story.

It Was Out of Love is a bizarre journey from the unusual circumstances under which this man meets his future wife, the thirty years of blessed marriage they share together, and concluding with the poignant way his wife goes to heaven. Before they are married, this man makes a decision to forgive this woman for deceiving him about who she really was. After they are married, the husband still encounters many inconsistencies in his wife’s family history and background—yet he trusts his wife and the love they share together. Weeks before his wife goes home to be with the Lord, he learns that there is much more to the original deception than he knew. Once again, with God’s help, he forgives his best friend, and the love of his life for a deception she maintained throughout their thirty years together. With compassion, humor, and intrigue, you live these events as the husband and wife lived them, and share in their victory over many challenges to their faith.

It Was Out of Love will introduce you to, or strengthen your faith in, the loving God of forgiveness. You will be encouraged to seek God’s will even in the midst of circumstances that seem overwhelming. You will be moved and touched by the ultimate victory of God’s love and forgiveness over deception and death.