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“I’m an incessant though methodical reader so combined with my inclination to read more than one book at a time, I’m not too fast to finish one. However, I ripped through yours between Saturday afternoon and last night. You should be exceedingly proud to have written a great book. It was well written, very interesting, and thought provoking.”

“Thank you Jim for sharing what is a personal and private part of your life. It may be easier to curl up and hide, but by God’s grace we are able to rise up and give Him praise and glory for a strength and inner peace that can only come from Him. Trials, tribulations, and sorrows that we endure only make us stronger in our faith. By sharing our experience, we can help others going through similar struggles–you have done just that.”

“I haven’t read a book in over twenty years. When your book arrived, I opened it and started reading it and couldn’t stop. It was truly wonderful.”

“A moving and touching story, it’s wonderful. I’m literally unable to tell you how I feel after reading it.”

“If I didn’t know better, I would have thought it was a fictional account.”

“I devoured the book! Honestly, it just keeps me wanting more! What a fantastic love story it is.”

“I’m just blown away; almost struggling to find the words to describe how I feel when reading it. It is a very powerful work . . .”

“A heart-wrenching, heart-warming story of faith, love, and accountability.”

“My meeting with Jim to discuss the funeral arrangements for Melissa is one that I will never forget. This is the part of pastoring that is inevitable, and although I don’t particularly look forward to funerals, my desire is to be a strength and support to the family members left behind; however, this was not your typical funeral planning. I sat in shock as I listened to Jim explain the deception Melissa revealed to him just weeks prior to her death. A deception that he unknowingly lived under for thirty years. I can tell you as Jim’s pastor that the story you are about to read is one that will give you hope. It will bring healing to your heart and remove the pain of betrayal. Jim is the real deal. He has faced the reality of what has happened and not lived in denial of it. May you find strength in these pages and God bless Jim for sharing his story to bring hope to others.”
—Mark Cowart, Senior Pastor, Church For All Nations
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“An intriguing and inspiring story of how grace and faith triumphed over deception, and forged the bonds of a loving marriage.”
—Dr. Jim Dyet, Author and retired editor and pastor

“Jim Marr paints a modern day ‘Hosea story’ for his readers. Though Melissa was unbelievably dysfunctional, and at times unlovable, Jim chose to love and commit his life to her. I was struck by the thought while reading this book that . . . we are all Melissa! As humans, we are frequently driven by the fear and insecurity of ‘being found out,’ or being rejected, resulting in a mess of loathsome cycles of deception and hiding from our loving Heavenly Father and hurting others. Jim paints a heartfelt picture on a human level of God’s unfailing love and devotion for His “woman.”
—Julie Ferwerda, Author of One Million Arrows and The Perfect Fit: Piecing Together True Love