(Paperback) (Kindle ebook)

Dear Reader,

On 12 December 2015, I suspended availability of my paperback on Amazon. The result of my successful book giveaways totaling over 2300 copies over the last five years is that I’m finally nearing the end of my inventory. You still may see some third party re-sellers on Amazon making used or previously unsold new copies available. I’ve set aside my remaining few boxes of books for personal use in the coming years. I am considering a re-release as a “print-on-demand” with a second epilogue. This will depend on the anticipated discovery of new information that would be very interesting to share with my readers. Visit my News page from time-to-time for updates. I will continue to make available the Kindle format for a nominal fee at Amazon and the free .pdf ebook (with cover and photographs) on my homepage. Thank you for reading my memoir–I pray we will all continue to “write our stories” and share them as an inspiration for our family, our friends….for the world! I would love to hear from you with your reactions and inspirations–just send an email via my Contact page.