“Best of” Radio/TV interview samples (Spoiler Alert):

22 Oct 14: This evening, my interview with the “one and only” Shana Thornton aired on her Blog Talk Radio channel called Let’s Talk America with Shana. I have been blessed to cross paths with Shana for my Atlanta Live TV interview earlier this year and now this very insightful radio interview on the topic “How To Forgive A Mate After Deception”. I pray that many people will continue to be blessed as I share this link for the audio replay: Let’s Talk America with Shana

16-17 Apr 14: I was extremely blessed with the recent renewal of some TV interview opportunities for It Was Out of Love. Atlanta’s WATC-TV 57 invited me out for two TV interviews. One was a segment on the nightly two-hour program Atlanta Live and the other was a full episode of Friends & Neighbors (see my chronology below for the same dates to find several related links to these programs and other guests). I will caution you that BOTH interviews are full spoilers–you decide if you want to watch these before or after you read the book. Here are the links:
Atlanta Live 16 Apr 14 Interview.
Friend & Neighbors 17 Apr 14 Interview.

31 May 2011: In May, I did two TV interviews on the same day, at Cornerstone TV studios outside Pitttsburgh, PA. The first taping was for their flagship show called Focus 4. This five-day per week, one-hour program takes up the challenge to bring the saving power of Jesus Christ to our culture. The other program taping was for His Place. This is a very creative, off-beat, talk-show format for sharing topics from a Christian perspective: His Place TV. Here’s a link to Episode 50 that includes my segments (watch whole video to see multiple parts of the conversation): His Place – Episode 50

26 Jan 11: It Was Out of Love was the topic of conversation during an in-studio radio interview with Stephanie Riggs on KRKS-FM in Denver: Stephanie Riggs. Divine Calling is a “one-of-a-kind” LIVE call-in radio program about faith, forgiveness, and healing. With Stephanie’s permission, I was recently able to host the hour-long SPOILER interview on my YouTube channel to ensure it is available for all to hear for years to come. Divine Calling Interview

Check out this collection “Hockey buddy Bob” links:
Book Table Poster 17 Mar 12
It Was Out of Love at Skate with Bob 17 Mar 12
Our 2014 Blues-Blackhawks Reunion 19 Apr 14
Jim and Bob at Hy-Vee Valentine’s Day Book Giveaway 14 Feb 15
Visit Have a Skate With Bob Website
The Klemmer – 1975 Edition
RIP#35 Bob Klem 18 Feb 18

You can follow my book publishing, marketing, and sharing journey from the most recent activity down to the very beginning by reading the chronology below:

30 Apr 19: On page 11 of my memoir, I included this special Bible verse: “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28) That certainly was true as I walked through my journey of deception, grace, and forgiveness for over 30 years.  That verse continues to be true as I see how God has brought a wonderful woman of God into my life.  My fiance Terri and I are excited to see how God orchestrated our meeting, enabled us to discover our love for each other, and now how He is ordering our steps toward marriage in a few months. Terri has embraced “my story” in a way that further confirms in my heart that God has touched, and will continue to touch, people’s lives in special ways through this story of His faithfulness.  I ask that you pray with us in the coming months as we prepare for marriage.  The desire of our hearts is to seek to do more for the Kingdom as a couple than we would have been able to do as individuals.
24 Dec 18: Merry Christmas! For those of you who have read my memoir, thank you! You may recall there are several significant dates in December that appear in my book. I am thankful that God enables us to remember impactful times in our lives while moving forward into His never ending purposes for healing and restoration. I pray at this time that we remember Jesus’ birth that you will experience His gifts of salvation and direction for your life. As always, I invite you to Contact me and share your thoughts and questions via email. Blessings!
14 Oct 18: I was realizing this week that I had not posted any website updates since the passing of my dear friend Bob Klem (see below). Since then, life and ministry continues to move forward and from time-to-time I have encounters with new readers. Whether it is a new dear friend and her family, a new co-worker, or an acquaintance on Facebook or at church, it brings a special joy to share my story with someone hearing about it for the first time. Although the book was published eight years ago, the story of grace and forgiveness is timeless and will always be an avenue God can use to teach valuable lessons to young and old alike. As always, I invite you to Contact me and share your thoughts and questions via email. Blessings!
31 Mar 18: Today was the first ever Have A Skate With Bob (HASB) benefit game in St. Louis to continue “hockey buddy Bob’s” legacy on the ice. It Was Out of Love was one of the team sponsors for this event that drew players from both the St. Louis and Kansas City areas. Over $8,000 was raised toward the battle against pancreatic cancer that Bob was waging for years in memory of his late wife Becky. Now, the HASB Foundation marches forward in memory of Bob and Becky.
18 Feb 18: “Hockey buddy Bob”, the Klemmer, Bob Klem has entered into his eternal rest–playing the very game of hockey that was his passion, late Saturday night, on the 17th and into the early morning of the 18th. My heart aches for his family, and multitude of hockey and non-hockey friends who have this strong bond with this man who fought so selflessly to support research for a cure to pancreatic cancer through his foundation, “Have A Skate With Bob” (see links and photos in my “Hockey buddy Bob” section above). In preparation for the scheduled HASB event in my hometown of St. Louis in late March, I had decided on Saturday afternoon, 17 Feb, to finish preparing a collage of photos of the two of us over the years since 1975–a link to that collage is provided above (now modified to honor his passing). I texted Bob a photo of my table display including that collage so he could see what I was planning as one of his team sponsors for that game. Bob responded in a text, saying: “Excellent! Need a few more players, but it’s going to be big”. May his legacy inspire all of us as we shed some tears at our loss! God bless you Bob and thank you for all you have meant in my life. Warm up the Zamboni for us! See you later…..how ironic or poignant I suppose that the month and day of Bob’s departure from this earth is forever separated by just a day from the month and day upon which Melissa Jo Charlene departed this earth.
16 Feb 18: Today marks 11 years since Melissa Jo Charlene entered her heavenly rest according to her death certificate. However, only God knows the moment at which her spirit departed her body between the early morning hours of Valentine’s Day and two days later when her heart stopped beating. If my rechecking of the dates was correct, this year, 2018, is the first year since 2007 that the days of the week lined up as they were that year. Although in recent years, I haven’t dwelled deeply on these dates, as I did in the first few years, I found that this year, with the days of the week matching 2007, the memories seemed somewhat fresher in my mind. To “mark the moment”, I did sit down and re-read Chapter 12 during that final hour of this 11 year anniversary of her death. I did allow some of the emotions of those days to pour out again this year, but at the same time, I was thanking God for His grace through this whole journey.
15 Jan 18: Today, the 41st anniversary of my wedding to Melissa Jo Charlene coincides with the day we honor love over hate on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. May this day and all days going forward be displays of love over hate, of grace and forgiveness over deception. Although we will never be fully satisfied this side of heaven, let His Holy Spirit guide each of us to do the best we can to live a satisfied life pleasing to our God!
17 Dec 17: This is the Christmas season when we remember the lowly birth of the King of Kings! I pray you and your family will have some time to reflect on the ultimate gift of our Savior Jesus. As we gather with friends and family, I know all too well that this time of year can include bittersweet memories. May God’s peace surround us and comfort us as we remember those dear ones we no longer have by our side at Christmas time. Blessings!
22 Oct 17: Since my last post, I have found a few more Little Free Libraries around St. Louis and a couple up in Kansas City while up there recently–up to 83 now. Just today, I went ice skating at a nearby rink. While lacing up those “famous” 1972 hockey skates, I “spied” a Little Free Library across the room on the wall. After I finished skating, I grabbed a book from my car to add this LFL to my collection. When I was skating today, I had some very vivid “flashbacks” over the last 45 years I have skated on these very skates. Wow! High school hockey, marriage, the whole It Was Out of Love journey. Through it all, God has been and continues to be with me. From time-to-time, I get another payout of a Kindle book sold–no way of knowing who may choose to download my free .pdf from this website. No matter how small the activity, I desire to keep the website active as long as I’m able to. In all things, my focus remains on fulfilling God’s purpose in my life through faith in Jesus Christ. Drop me a line on my Contact page–I’d love to hear your story and how you found your way here. Blessings.
9 Jul 17: My Little Free Library journey has now ended at 78 libraries visited and documented in my Facebook album–each one showing one or two copies of my book in the library. The last few had some interesting “coincidences”. At one, I found one of my books already there–I double checked to confirm I hadn’t visited this location before–it would be cool to know how that book found its way to that LFL. My final library brought me to a location of special memories with a dear friend over seven years before. With my supply of books down the final few to save for some future special gifts in the coming months/years, I shall continue to share my website cards from time-to-time and maintain the ebook on this site (as well as Kindle on Amazon).
4 Jul 17: Happy Independence Day across these United States of America! As you celebrate the freedoms of our country, may you thank God for His abundant blessings–in times of joy and growth, as well as times of sadness and loss. May He be glorified in all things! I have a few more Little Free Libraries to visit to close out this final batch of 50. One of the LFL’s I was hunting down via GPS coordinates last night led me to a location just a few blocks from where I spent the first five years of my life in North St. Louis. Once I realized where I was, I turned the car around and drove by the house where I lived 60 years ago! This book journey has brought about some very interesting re-connections.
29 May 17: Happy Memorial Day as we honor those men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice in the service of our country. On this day of remembrance, I’m driving around the St. Louis area finding more of the Little Free Libraries that I wrote about in 2014 and 2015. Back in the Fall of 2014 and then the Fall of 2015, I made the rounds of 30 different Little Free Libraries around the STL metro and Belleville/O’Fallon IL areas. I dropped off two books per library and documented each visit in a Facebook photo album. Now I see there are at least 54 MORE libraries that have popped up so it’s time to plot out my journey–only 1 book per library this time as I’m down to my last couple boxes (worst case I’ll leave some website cards for readers to download the ebook). Blessings to your and your family on this Memorial Day!!
28 Apr 17: I recently heard from a new reader who stumbled onto my memoir via some Google searching. This reader knew Melissa Jo Charlene many years ago, but never had any hint of the “rest of the story” until now. It was such a joy to hear how the story blessed this reader. Although the revelation revealed some discomforting news about Melissa, the ultimate outcome was an encouraging message of hope.
22 Jan 17: I had an awesome time of worship up at Encouragers Church this morning in O’Fallon, Missouri. David Huff (David & The Giants) brought his gifts of music to that congregation and it was just like being with family!! Pastor Louis Green and his church were so gracious. Pastor Green, David, and I chatted several minutes before the service as I retold the story about how David and I first met in 2008 when he played an Angel Food concert at Church For All Nations (Pastor Mark Cowart). From that meeting I was inspired to ask Mr Huff for permission to use a Giants song, “I’ll Be Loving You”, in my flash intro on my website. He provided that permission and I now maintain a Credits page with links to his music. If you haven’t heard the song yet, listen to it here. (if your computer will play Adobe Flash videos). THANKS Pastor Green and David Huff for a wonderful morning in the house of the Lord!!
25 Dec 16: Merry Christmas! As we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus, I wish you blessing in your family and God’s direction in the coming year. As with my story–my life–many of you have bittersweet memories at Christmas time. I still can find myself easily drawn into some element of sadness at this time of year. Yet I also know the power of God’s love and His Holy Spirit to move into those areas of our lives so needing His love and care. May His purposes be fulfilled in your life and may the joy of the Lord be your strength!!
23 Nov 16: Happy Thanksgiving to each of you. I pray God has inspired you in some way as you have visited this website and read some or all of my memoir. I’m thankful for the journey I have been able to share with all of you. May God’s purposes be fulfilled in your life as your share His grace and forgiveness with everyone you meet.
29 Oct 16: My book cover once again graces one of the jerseys for an upcoming Have A Skate With Bob benefit hockey game to battle pancreatic cancer in Rockford, IL, 19 November. Looking good in purple: Rockford Benefit Game Jersey. Please consider making a donation to Bob’s untiring efforts.
25 Sep 16: Today I had an unexpected book gifting opportunity with “Hockey buddy Bob”. Bob was in St. Louis to host a Have A Skate With Bob booth as a Gold Sponsor of the PurpleStride 2016 run/walk in Forest Park–waging hope against pancreatic cancer. Bob suggested I bring a few books along, so I reached into my dwindling supply of books to grab 10 for today. Bob made a number of great contacts and generated interest for a future HASB fund-raiser hockey game in St. Louis–perhaps by the 2017-18 season. In addition to contributing to the cause today, I was able to get some exercise in one of the remaining warm and humid days of St. Louis this season during the 5K walk–not to mention gaining 10 more readers of It Was Out of Love!!
4 Aug 16: This week, my 88-year-old mother graduated to heaven. The nursing home journey since May of last year has been one of happy and fun times; and sad and stressful times. God has been faithful through it all. I’m thankful for all the lives that my Mom and my family and I have touched over these past 15 months. I now reflect on the past four-and-a-half years as God brought me back home to St. Louis from Colorado Springs and my Dad, in Jan 2013, and then my Mom, this week, entered into eternity. As a memorial and testament to God’s grace in my Mom’s life and Dad’s love and devotion to his wife, please view this six-minute program that was produced over 20 years ago. This video documents my Mom and Dad’s journey as Mom overcame severed anxiety and depression. To God be the Glory!! Worried Sick (1996)
4 Jul 16: Happy Independence Day for those of you visiting from the U.S.A. Blessings to all of you from wherever you are stopping by. God is moving me into a “new season” with regard to my memoir and any active promotion or advertisement. I’m still supporting some ministries that provide mention of my website, but in general, transitioning to more focus on new directions in my life. If something interesting develops later in the month regarding my 11 Apr 15 update below, I shall be sure to share on this website–potentially an “Epilogue 2″ in the works.
28 Apr 16: Here’s an update on some numbers that represent opportunities for God to be glorified in the sharing of my memoir. Over the last 90-days, my special Charisma Magazine developed landing page at “itwasoutoflove.org”; containing spoiler book summary, ebook download button, author bio, and links back to my legacy website; has experienced over 6,000 page views, with 1,654 downloads being counted. The visits have come from over 116 countries with all 50 states and U.S. territories being represented. The website hits have been generated by the Charisma Magazine back cover ad, Charisma Website Banner ads, the SpiritLed Woman full interior page ad, Facebook posts, eblasts, and eNewsletter ads. May the Lord continue to lead readers to this story of God’s grace and forgiveness.
23 Mar 16: In addition to some more eblast emails and FaceBook posts, here’s the final print ad presentation for my most recent ebook advertising campaign with Charisma Magazine. This ad page is included in the April 2016 issue of the Charisma SpiritLed Woman magazine. May this timeless story continue to bless each reader.
24 Feb 16: Although it’s not just about numbers, I do want to share some statistics about the way the Charisma Magazine back cover and Charisma Website Banner advertisements are spreading His story. After nearly a month now, the “itwasoutoflove.org” landing page has been visited 3,334 times from 96 countries and all 50 states. Of all those visits, I registered 812 unique downloads of the ebook. Although not everyone chose to download the ebook, I pray that all the visitors were touched in some way by what they read about this story of God’s grace and forgiveness.
31 Jan 16: As promised in my 15 January entry below, here’s the cover of the February 2016 issue of Charisma Magazine, featuring my It Was Out of Love advertisement on the back: Charisma Magazine Feb 2016 cover. May the blessings to new readers begin!!
15 Jan 16: As last year was coming to a close, I was settling into the thought of just keeping my ebook format available on my website (and Kindle on Amazon)–no other promoting of the book. However, God isn’t finished yet! In February, I will have a significant back cover advertisement in Charisma Magazine (along with digital ads that month via their website and e-blast to subscribers). Those ads will point to a specially created landing page with a download button and my one-page spoiler and bio. I pray God will use this significant exposure for His Glory. First, for each of the new readers–may their lives be inspired toward fulfilling God’s purposes. Secondly, for new, unexpected, and supernatural connections that will lead to further blessings to readers around the world. Some more interviews or other publicity? Some publisher choosing to republish? A screenplay writer wanting to develop that “based on the true story” product? If none of these, then God is still God and this is still an amazing journey. I just reminded myself that I’m writing this exactly 39 years to the day and time that Melissa and I were getting married–15 January 1977. What an amazing journey indeed!!
9 Jan 16: I love these very cool “small world” connections I’ve witnessed on this book journey. The other day, I received an email at my home in St. Louis from a former co-worker in Colorado Springs, where I had lived for 19 years. This co-worker had recently visited his 86-year-old mother in Florida. During that visit, his mother told him about an inspirational book that her church book club had been reading titled It Was Out of Love. The church group thought the book was amazing and sometimes “hard to believe”. This former co-worker could hardly believe what he was hearing–his mother was shocked to learn that the author of their book selection was a former co-worker of her son. This morning I put a personalized copy of my paperback in the mail to this reader in Florida. May this divine connection reap much for the Kingdom of God!
12 Dec 15: As of today, I have suspended availability of my paperback on Amazon. The result of my successful book giveaways totalling over 2300 copies is that I’m finally nearing the end of my inventory. After my final copy on Amazon is sold, you still may see some third party resellers making used or previously unsold copies available. I’ve set aside my remaining few boxes of books for personal use in the coming years. I am considering a re-release as a “print-on-demand” with a second epilogue. This will depend on some potential discovery of new information that would be very interesting to share with my readers. Visit my News page from time-to-time for updates. The Kindle format for a nominal fee at Amazon and the free .pdf ebook on my homepage will continue to be available. Thank you for reading my memoir–I pray we will all continue to “write our stories” and share them as an inspiration for our family, our friends….for the world!
7-8 Nov 15: I could easily say “ditto” to my post from 10-11 October. This weekend I held another two-day book gifting event at the Fox High School Fall Craft Fair in Arnold, MO. I gifted 227 paperback books into the hands of craft show attenders. It would take a whole book chapter to describe the dozens and dozens of significant conversations I had during this event, as I chatted with hundreds of people this weekend. Many people opened up with some very personal stories in their lives after I shared a snapshot of my story. I was very blessed to hear from many readers who had already received and read the book from one of my previous “gifting” events. I pray that God will bless each encounter in such a way that readers will be inspired to fulfill God’s purposes in their lives. If you are one of those people who visited my table this weekend, I would love to hear from you after you have had an opportunity to read my memoir. Please feel free to drop a line and say hi on my Contact page.
10-11 Oct 15: I’m in awe about the way God continues to connect me with new readers of It Was Out of Love. This weekend I held a two-day book gifting event at the annual YMCA craft fair (with a book signing table similar to this one: Book Signing Table). Once we got past the disbelief that I was actually giving away the book free, so many shoppers were eager to get the opportunity to read this story. Granted, there are many who don’t like to read or don’t have time (although I did manage to change the mind of a few of those :) ), but most patrons were excited to get the book. One woman, who originally was from Germany, said she didn’t read and said all her family was overseas–not a problem, I handed her a website card and invited her to pass along the web address so they can download the ebook. Some vendors or shoppers who had picked up a copy the day before, read the book overnight and shared their very positive reviews and encouragement to me in the days ahead–along with some very emotional similarities in their own lives. It was very fun to have some vendors come by my table based on referrals from other vendors who were reading the book during the show. I personally was moved deeply by several shoppers who opened up some recent or current experiences involving loss or deception–I pray God will bring some inspiration in their lives to overcome what has been taken from them. One woman told of a very very similar story as mine that was still playing out in her family!! I was also pleased to run into a number of readers who had received a copy in the past year at one of my previous local craft show giveaways. I wasn’t able to surpass my previous “record” of 275 books gifted in one weekend due to lower customer volume, but the quality of the significant one-on-one conversations was all worth it! This weekend I shared 163 copies of my paperback/website card as well as dozens of the website cards alone for those not inclined to take a book. For any of you who want to share some of your reactions, please feel free to drop a line and say hi on my Contact page.
4 Sep 15: Blessings to the “J” family! After hanging out with my Mom and friends at her nursing home dinner table, I wanted to grab a quick but good meal on the way home. Red Lobster on a Friday night is NOT quick unless you don’t mind eating at the bar, so that’s what I did. While eating my dinner, I had the opportunity to meet and chat with a couple and their two young girls celebrating a wedding anniversary and getting drinks at the bar while waiting for a table. Among several things we shared in common, we all shared the letter “J” as the first letter of our first name–hence my reference to the “J” family–the husband, wife, and two girls all have names starting with “J”. I couldn’t help but share one of my website cards with this family–may our brief encounter bring God’s blessing into this home. If the “J” family is reading this note right now, feel free to drop a line and say hi on my Contact page.
15 Jul 15: Today I got a message from dear family friends who recently returned stateside after living in the UK for several years. I learned that a book club of 10 ladies in the UK used It Was Out of Love for a recent reading selection. They said it was a good memoir although, like many readers, found the whole “Robbie” person to be a bit confusing. It is indeed a rather complicated plot that played out in real life–was she a real person or someone using a fake name? My prayer is that we may yet get new insight into what happened in those early days of Melissa’s deception (see my 11 April entry below). In the meantime, I’m blessed to share this additional example of the international reach for this story–thanks UK ladies!!
20 May 15: I have experienced some challenging and stressful times over the last couple weeks as my Mom has transitioned from three years in assisted living to a nursing home. On top of these things, another trip to the hospital the last couple days to make sure she didn’t seriously hurt herself after another fall. Although I don’t view these events as blessings of God, He is in fact turning these bad things into blessing opportunities. I’m thankful for the lives my Mom and I have crossed-paths with such as nurses and techs to nursing home staff and residents. In recent days, God has opened up clearly appointed opportunities to share ten paperback copies–not to mention several website cards with a visiting gospel singing group at Mom’s nursing home and at a restaurant where I was declared to be the “first customer” for a new waitress. If some of you (and you know who you are) are reading this now, this little note is for you–I pray God will speak to your heart in some special way as you read this book. You will see what a miracle it is that my Mom has reached 87 years of age and you will of course experience the journey of God’s grace and forgiveness that I have been blessed to live. Feel free to drop a line and say hi on my Contact page.
11 Apr 15: The last couple weeks have proven to be a very interesting journey “down memory lane” for a former co-worker of my late wife. It all started with a Facebook friend asking me a question about some of the mysteries that remain from early 1976, after I had my first blind phone date with Melissa Jo Carrington. That inquiry led to a series of events over the last few days that perhaps will lead me to writing an epilogue “part 2″ someday. For the present, it did turn into a blessed opportunity to share my memoir with someone who worked with my wife so many years ago. This co-worker described several little memories of her interaction with the woman I shared my life for over three decades. To tell you anymore about these stories at this point might be a spoiler so I shall save that for another day. I pray that this message of God’s grace and forgiveness will continue to spread and reach others through this most recent contact that has touched my heart.
28 Mar 15: My book cover got a very special place on the Have a Skate With Bob event jerseys in Independence, MO this past weekend. GO Klemmer–Beat pancreatic cancer!!
14-15 Mar 15: A new record for the total number of books gifted in one event (a two-day event in this case). I had the honor to gift 275 books into the hands of craft show patrons at the Fox High School in Arnold, MO. Too many awesome conversations to even being to share here. Suffice to say it was an awesome success in terms of lives being touched AND for me receiving many blessings from total strangers being drawn into the passion I have for sharing His story. Blessings to each of you I had the pleasure to meet–please drop me a line via the Contact page if you like.
14 Feb 15: While in Kansas City, MO (Lee’s Summit) for a family wedding, I had a wonderful opportunity to give away 104 copies of It Was Out of Love with patrons at a Lee’s Summit Hy-Vee store. Thanks to the store management for agreeing to my unusual idea for a book giveaway. They gave me a perfect placement right by the Valentine’s Day card aisle and I had dozens of brief but meaningful conversations with men. women, younger, older, single, and married.  If you are one of those I had the opportunity to meet today, thanks for accepting my gift–I pray God fulfills His purposes in your life as you are inspired by my journey of grace and forgiveness.
1 Feb 15: February is a significant month in my life and therefore in my book, It Was Out of Love. The beginning and the end of my time with Melissa was marked by Valentine’s Day. This year, I’ll have the opportunity for a book giveaway on the very day that has such significance for me. For all you trivia fans, here’s your reminder of the Valentine’s Day trivia connected with It Was Out of Love: Valentine’s Day Trivia
15 Jan 15: Thirty-eight years ago today Melissa and I were married. “God gave me a gift of loving Melissa for more than thirty years. I pray that as time goes on and I continue to serve the Lord in ways I can’t even imagine right now, the Lord will remind me of his gift. I pray my memories of the sickness and the deception will fade and be replaced only with the memories of the joy Melissa and I shared. I also pray the Lord will always remind me that it was out of love that I chose to stand by Melissa, and it was out of love that God provided the way for us—and all believers in his Son Jesus Christ—to share eternity together.” (Pg 225) Thankfully God’s grace has indeed helped the difficult memories fade and the memories of joy remain! Indeed all things work together for good to those who love God (Roman 8:28).
25 Dec 14: Merry Christmas blessings to all of you! At this time of remembering the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus, I pray the message of grace and forgiveness in my memoir will continue to bless many lives around the world. Like many of you, I hold several bittersweet memories in my mind at this time of year. Through faith in Jesus, I keep pressing forward to the hope and a future He has promised each of us. I pray you will do the same and that He will fulfill His purpose in your life! Blessings.
19 Dec 14: While on my way to visit with my Mom in assisted living in Florissant, I stopped by the Ferguson library to drop off a few copies of my book. I pray that this message of forgiveness gets into the hands of those who will be inspired to share His hope with others in this community that is in such great need of reconciliation.
16 Dec 14: Thanks to a gracious invite from a neighborhood couple for a holiday breakfast gathering at their home this morning, I was able to bless 13 of our condo community families with a copy of It Was Out of Love. It was a wonderful opportunity to get to know each other over some good food and to share an early Christmas gift with all who attended. For my neighbors reading this update, if you know of other friends and family you would like to bless with a copy of the paperback, just send me an email from my Contact page and I’ll drop off some books to you. Otherwise, please share this website address with anyone who would like to download a copy of the eBook to their computer.
27 Nov 14: Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! The holiday season holds many memories for each of us–some joyful, some not so joyful. Still today, certain key dates that are documented in my book come rushing back into my memory. As we reflect on challenging times in our families and across the nation, I pray that God will speak into our hearts. May He remind us of so many things to be thankful for in our past and yet to come in our future. I pray He continues to reveal to me new creative opportunities to share my story that will bring hope to others around the world. I enjoy hearing from readers–feel free to drop a line via my Contact page if you’d like to share what God has shown you through reading It Was Out of Love.
09 Nov 14: I reached my 15th Little Free Library in the St. Louis area, dropping off a couple copies of It Was Out of Love at each stop. Today I had some special encounters with people nearby these book sharing stations. This book sharing journey has been a great way to see various parts of St. Louis where I have never visited before. Five more to go and then it will be time to expand my radius outside of the metro area.
08 Nov 14: I experienced a wonderful book signing and giveaway event at the Kennerly Elementary School Fall Boutique today. I was able to “gift” 109 books to boutique patrons who were naturally very surprised I was giving away my paperbacks free. Several asked for some extra books because of friends or family who they thought would really benefit from reading this story. I had an enjoyable time talking with other vendors and with the patrons of all ages. I now pray that God will anoint each reader of these 109 books and many others with whom a book will be shared or the website provided so the reader may download the free .pdf book.
22 Oct 14: This evening, my interview with the “one and only” Shana Thornton aired on her Blog Talk Radio channel called Let’s Talk America with Shana. I have been blessed to cross paths with Shana for my Atlanta Live TV interview earlier this year and now this very insightful radio interview on the topic “How To Forgive A Mate After Deception”. I pray that many people will continue to be blessed as I share this link for the audio replay: Let’s Talk America with Shana
19 Oct 14: Today I was able to restore my link to a very special interview with Stephanie Riggs on her Divine Calling radio show back on 26 January 2011. Although the interview was long ago, the message remains timeless. Because any radio station can’t archive all their shows forever, mine finally became inaccessible a few months ago. However, a week ago I discovered a copy of this interview on a CD that I had mailed my Mom and Dad back in 2011 to listen to. Stephanie graciously provided her permission for me to host this archived interview on my YouTube channel–ensuring listeners can hear the interview for years to come.
05 Oct 14: I discovered these very cool Little Free Library locations around St. Louis (well all over the world actually). I visited two of them today and dropped off a couple copies of my book as well as some website cards for ebook readers. I’d love to hear from any readers who encountered my book in one of these libraries.
02 Oct 14: Here’s a link to an upcoming Blog Talk Radio interview I had with Shana Thornton. The theme she selected for this interview is: Up close & Personal: How To Forgive A Mate After Deception. Listen in on October 21st at 7:30pm ET.
01 Oct 14: This is cool. At a special church staff and volunteer luncheon event today at our main campus, I ran into a man and his wife–I had only met this man one Sunday service at one of our church satellite campuses across town over a year before. He and I chatted during our Pastor’s typical “talk to your neighbor about….” segment of a sermon message. We continued to share some life events after the service out into the parking lot so I gave him a copy of my book. As soon as this couple came into the door today, he re-introduces himself and then both he and his wife graciously thank me for for sharing the book. It really touched them and other members of their family who read it. Feel free to drop a line via my Contact page if you’d like to share what God has shown you through reading It Was Out of Love. No need to wait until the next time we run into each other. :) Blessings!
06 Sep 14: I was able to bless 44 new readers with a free copy of my book at a Book Giveaway & Author Signing event this afternoon at the Book Warehouse, Taubman Prestige Outlets, Chesterfield, MO. After the book signing, I stopped by a nearby fast-food restaurant for some dinner. I was surprised to see the name tag on the young woman ringing up my order–“Melissa M.”–the same name as my late wife. With that “sign”, I gave this woman my website card. Melissa looked at the card and immediately said that she recognized my name and book cover because just moments earlier, she saw a man “over there” reading It Was Out of Love. Apparently that reader had received his free copy from me shortly before at the Book Warehouse and was starting to read it over dinner. Blessings to you fast-food employee “Melissa M.” as you read the rest of the story about my “Melissa M.”
26 Aug 14: I finalized the design today with the great team at Signarama for this 3′ x 5′ banner that will serve as a hockey rink dasherboard advertisement. The hockey skate in the banner is significant because I first skated at this rink during high school (72-74) with these skates–still skating on these 1972 CCM Super Tacks. Back then, the rink was an indoor rink and now this rink at the Kirkwood Recreation Station, Kirkwood, MO, is totally enclosed.
23 Aug 14: Received a copy this week of the blog talk radio ad that will be aired in coming weeks on Shana Thornton’s weekly program. My interview with Shana is also scheduled to be aired in September–more details later.
16 Aug 14: I now have scheduled my first opportunity to try out my new retractable banner!! This week I was blessed to receive an invitation from the Book Warehouse (Taubman Prestige Outlets, 17017 North Outer 40 Rd Suite 151, Chesterfield, MO, 63005) to hold an It Was Out of Love book giveaway and author signing, Saturday, 6 Sep, 1-3pm CT. I look forward to meeting readers of all ages. I hope to hear from some of you who have in fact read the ebook already and can share your reactions. Blessings!
31 Jul 14: This evening I picked up my new retractable banner to use at my free book signings at bookstores and other venues around St. Louis. The team at the Signarama store on Lemay Ferry in St. Louis did a great job helping me finalize a design and getting the banner printed–check them out if you need any sign work done. If you have some ideas for some promotional events like this, just send me an email on my Contact page. Here’s a link below showing the banner along with a promotional poster and desktop sign: Book Signing Promotional Banner, Poster, and Sign
22 Jul 14: Tonight I spent a wonderful evening with five couples who chose It Was Out of Love for their summer reading selection. I brought along several items from Melissa’s past that I talk about in the book and I was able to openly share details “beyond the book” as well. It was so energizing to respond from my heart to their questions and be encouraged by their positive reactions to my story. If you would like to host such a book club event, just let me know and I’ll supply the books.
3 Jul 14: Made arrangements to air a 30-second ad spot for my website and free ebook over the next couple weeks on KNLC-TV Channel 24, New Life Evangelistic Center. I pray these ads will reach those who most need to read this story of grace and forgiveness.
28 Jun 14: Enjoyed sharing my book with some new readers during a free book giveaway and signing at Hometown Books in Eureka, MO. A reporter from the The Eureka-Pacific Current News Magazine came by to cover the event for the local paper.
23 Jun 14: I just posted a new book review from Luxury Reading (link no longer works). I never grow tired of hearing people’s reactions to this story. I believe this reviewer “get’s it”. I look forward this week to signing some free copies of my paperback with new readers in Eureka, Missouri. If you are in the area and would like the details, just email me from the Contact page.
17 May 14: What is going on in the Netherlands? I’ve been amazed to see the unexplainably high percentage of website hits from the Netherlands. Over the last four months, I’ve had 39% of my hits from that country–1132 visits out of 2918 (ok, ok, I realize those numbers aren’t crashing any servers, but I’m thankful for each person who stops by). The United States visits come in at second, at 24% with 700 visits. For those visits from the Netherlands, 42% are new users. France, Kenya, and Germany fill the locations for the next most frequent visitors. I do hope that many of my visitors are taking the opportunity to download the book and read the rest of the story. May God’s purposes be fulfilled in all corners of the globe. Blessings!
15 May 14: Today I recorded an interview with Shana Thornton who I met during one of my TV interviews in Atlanta last month. Looking forward to the airing of that episode of her inspiring Blog Talk Radio program.
16-17 Apr 14: I was blessed with two TV interview opportunities on Atlanta’s 57 this week. On Wednesday, 16 April, I was a guest on the live broadcast of Atlanta Live, with guest host, Shana Thornton. The next day, 17 April, I was a guest on the Friends & Neighbors program. Here are some links to my fellow guests on these programs–each being used of God in unique ways to minister to a world in need of His grace and mercy. Please visit their websites to see how they are serving up their gifts: Musical guest T-Ran Gilbert; pastors and authors Retha Evans Ezell and J. Calvin Ezell and their book titled Love-Leaps-Forward; and breast cancer survivor, ABC News anchor in Birmingham, AL, speaker, and author of three books Brenda Ladun.
13 Apr 14: I added another new item to my Press Kit today, My Story in 99 Seconds. SPOILER ALERT: This document provides a “99 second”, full spoiler summary of It Was Out of Love. Great for those of you who just don’t have the time to read the whole book or for you media folks needing to do some quick prep for an interview with me! (hint, hint…)
16 Mar 14: I added a new item to my Press Kit today, the Media Event Log. This document chronicles the past and future media events as a testament to what God is doing through this story. Please pray with me that His divine direction will guide future bookings of interview and book signing opportunities so that more readers can be blessed by this story of God’s grace and forgiveness. Please share my website link with your friends and let them know they can read the entire book for free at my home page. Blessings!
10 Mar 14: As a direct result of my recent trip to the NRB in Nashville, a contact with Atlanta 57 has yielded an invitation to share my story on two of their programs in April: Atlanta Live and Friends & Neighbors.
5 Mar 14: Although I didn’t win an award for the second time, Judge 31 of the 21st Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards rated my book with the top numeric ratings, provided some very positive commentary, and added some tips for improvement in a “future edition.” As you can see, the results were released in October of last year, but apparently I deleted the email. It dawned on me the other day I never saw the results and Writer’s Digest was kind enough to resend the email. Thank you Judge 31
22-25 Feb 14: I had the awesome opportunity to partner with Body Builders Christian TV at the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) Convention in Nashville, TN. In addition to conducting a TV segment interview and doing a couple book signing sessions, I had tremendous opportunities to connect with additional radio and TV ministries. If nothing else, about 95 individuals walked away with a copy of It Was Out of Love in their hands and/or a business card to remind them of this website location. Please pray that God’s purposes will be fulfilled in the lives of each new reader and that He will continue to open up opportunities to share this story.
16 Feb 14: Today marks seven years since Melissa went to heaven. I’m so thankful to see how God has turned mourning into triumph and this story of His grace and forgiveness continues to be shared. Because of my publisher going out of business, I have received an unexpected opportunity for sharing It Was Out of Love in a larger venue. Another TV interview and book signings are coming soon and I’ll share more about that later. If you have not read my book yet, what is stopping you? Go back to the home page and start reading it now. Blessings.
12 Jan 14: Unfortunately, my publisher is no longer able to provide my book fulfillment services and warehousing. I’m not certain yet about the future of purchasing options through Amazon and other sources. For the moment, all sources remain viable except the direct purchase of paperback and ePub formats through my publisher. In addition to the online browser readable version I’ve had linked on my website since March 2013, today I posted the .pdf formatted version on my home page. This format is the “print ready” image so you can see the exact page numbers and layout as provided in the paperback version. For the .pdf formatted book, you’ll need to download three files: cover, text, and photographs. In the paperback book, the photographs appear after Chapter 10 to avoid “spoiling” the story–consider yourself warned and download and view at whatever time you prefer.
29 Dec 13: As 2013 draws to a close, I see that this website has had 4,909 visitors (87% new) from 49 countries this year. The United States leads the list with 2,325 visits and France is second with 565. I wish each of you a blessed 2014 and pray that God’s purposes will be fulfilled in your life. Blessings!
Christmas 2013: Merry Christmas to all of you. I had the opportunity to share my book with three new readers today at a Christmas gathering with friends. A fitting way to end this day of remembering the birth of Jesus by sharing a story of His grace and forgiveness that I experienced over 2000 years later.
Thanksgiving 2013: Wishing all of you a blessed Thanksgiving in 2013. I pray the Lord will remind you of so many things to be thankful for–even in the midst of whatever challenges you are facing today. Blessings!!
5 Oct 13: It was great to catch up with several of my fellow McCluer North Class of 1974 graduates at our 39-year reunion tonight. As our discussion turned to what has been happening since high school, a few copies of It Was Out of Love made their way into the hands of some eager readers. Later in the evening, other classmates came by asking about my book (word of mouth advertising in action!) and I was able to share a few more gift copies. Blessings to all of you, enjoy the rest of the story, and I’ll see you at our 40th reunion next year!
24 Sep 13: Two new online readers complete the book in the past 24 hours! I was blessed to hear from one reader who read the entire book online last night and another reader who read through the entire book online today. Thanks to both of you for your gracious comments sharing how this true story was an inspiration to you. I pray God will richly bless you on your journeys in this life where God can turn something “bad” to something “good”.
15 Sep 13: Hockey buddy Bob is still playing goalie on several ice hockey teams and still fighting pancreatic cancer. Keeping the tradition alive and joining forces with Have A Skate With Bob Foundation once again this year. Join forces with us at this link: Have A Skate With Bob
13 Sep 13: The website was a hit in the Netherlands yesterday according to my Google Analytics statistics–11 visits in total: North Holland (3), South Holland (3), Overijssel (2), Gelderland, North Brabant, and last but not least Zeeland. Sending out a salute and blessings to the Dutch.
5 Sep 13: A reader got the link to my website and read through the entire online version last night. She graciously agreed to let me post some of her encouraging words that she expressed after reading the story. Thanks Roxanne for sharing your comments for all to see: Reviews
3 Sep 13: This is my “funnest” book give away to date! Long story short: I wanted to get some copies of my book to a reader “indirectly” who was about to order a Domino’s Pizza for dinner. I knew which store to go to and dropped off some copies of my book for this reader AND a couple extra for the Domino’s employees. That’s your basic “pizza and a book” special for tonight!
17 Aug 13: Last weekend I set about to post some news updates about recent book sharing opportunities. Well, somehow, I crashed my website. Thankfully the Denver Web Design folks got me back up and running and we are now working on a final tweak or two concerning the intro flash video. Once the “dust has fully settled”, I’ll provide some more updates. In the meantime, blessings to you and please keep sharing this website with friends and family so they too can read the “rest of the story”.
30 Jun 13: A couple of my recent book sharing opportunities led to the recipients sharing some of their own experiences with deception in relationships. I pray as they read It Was Out of Love, they will be encouraged by the message of God’s grace and forgiveness.
25 May 13: I went for a hike at a local nature reserve and crossed paths with an author writing on his laptop at a hiking trail pavilion. I shared a copy of my book with him and we talked for 40 minutes about his amazing book project that will offer up solutions for the current fragmentation of our society. Once again, God orchestrates a divine encounter to share His story!
9 May 13: Although It Was Out of Love is now available around the world, online, anytime, here’s another cool “traveling book” story. A reader told me that he took my book with him to Israel and read it on his return flight. Then, he gave the book to a fellow traveler who returned home to England–where will it go next? If I find out, I will be sure to let you know. Blessings.
31 Mar 13: Happy Easter and Resurrection Sunday!! I shared a copy of my book with a technician yesterday who was performing some work at my house. After giving him the 30-second tease about the topic of my memoir, he shared a tragic deception that he experienced in his own life. I pray as this man reads my story that God’s forgiveness will minister healing and unexpected renewal in his life.
15 Mar 13: It Was Out of Love is now available for FREE online reading from the home page link.
14 Feb 13: Happy Valentine’s Day. It dawned on me this week that my book is a “Valentine’s Day” book in many ways. Here are eight of them:
1. Chapter 1 is titled “Valentine’s Day”
2. The first two words in the book are “Valentine’s Day”
3. “Valentine’s Day” appears in this book 32 times
4. The first page tells you what I was doing on Valentine’s Day, 2007 at 4:45am
5. Pg 37 shows you the exact words I wrote on Valentine’s Day, 1976
6. On pages 70-71, you’ll know what I did on Valentine’s Day, 1977
7. On page 97, you’ll know what I did on Valentine’s Day, 1995
8. On Page 114, you’ll learn what surprising thing I did in 2006 with a previous Valentine’s Day gift to my wife
11 Feb 13: Keep the tradition alive!! Continuing my partnership with my “hockey buddy Bob” for upcoming Have A Skate With Bob events in March. Checkout the story behind his tireless battle against pancreatic cancer at Have a Skate with Bob
10 Feb 13: God is making connections and bringing good in the midst of “bad” circumstances. This weekend I was stranded when my car experienced some electronics issue. While getting the car checked in at the dealer for repairs, I shared a copy of my book with the tow truck operator. As the driver walked back to his truck, the service advisor writing up my vehicle asks me about the book he just saw me give away. I quickly offered one to him as well and I then learned that this service advisor is also a pastor of a local church. We had a blessed time of sharing about our common faith. I look forward to visiting his church and following the connections that God continues to orchestrate in a way that only He can do.
9 Feb 13: Here’s a very cool SMALL WORLD book gifting story.  I learned today that my brother Bob was getting his car checked out with his mechanic this week.  The mechanic told Bob that he was going to call him to ask about a book he was reading that mentioned Bob and my sister-in-law Norma. Turns out this mechanic was reading It Was Out of Love.  He got my book from a nurse–this would have been a copy that I had shared with the hospital nursing staff during one of my Dad’s stays in December/January during his final journey to heaven. Thank God for the way He is getting the story into the hands of people I would have never expected to touch!!
6 Feb 13: I had the pleasure of interviewing again today with John Clemens to capture sound bites that will be included in an edited one-minute book review to be aired on Information Radio Network (IRN) USA Radio affiliates across the country. We had a similar interview two years ago as a tie-in to Valentine’s Day, for obvious reasons.
9 Jan 13: My Dad made his transition to his eternal heavenly home this past Sunday, January 6th. While he was going through his final month on this earth in hospitals and nursing home rehab, and then finally the intensive care unit, Dad opened up many opportunities for me to gift my book to nurses and staff who were caring for him. Now another page of my book “is being written” as we focus on caring for Dad’s bride of 63 years, my Mom. Goodbye Dad, we love you, see you later!
24 Dec 12: A Christmas Eve book gifting opportunity. While helping my Mom get through a nursing home doorway this afternoon where my Dad is getting some rehab, I left my car door open. Another elderly mother was coming out through the same doorway using her walker and receiving some direction from her daughter. By the time I returned to my car, this other woman with the walker was headed right for my open car door. I could see her daughter now driving toward us and said to the elderly woman “Ma’m, here comes your ride, this is my car, not your daughter’s.” Apparently suffering from some demetia, she clearly was intent on getting in my front seat. As she started to get seated in my car, her daughter approached and we eventually convinced her mother to walk back to her daughter’s car. I said “Have a good day, Merry Christmas.” The woman with the walker stopped, looked intently straight into my eyes and said “Have a good day”. A very touching moment. I couldn’t resist the “sign” that this was yet another book gifting opportunity right in front of me. I grabbed a book out of my car, gave one to the daughter and explained that I interpret such unusual encounters as clear signals that I should gift a copy of my book. I introduced myself to the woman, she thanked me for the book and explained that she is an avid reader so she will certainly read the story. I pray this woman and her family will be blessed this Christmas season as she reads His story of grace and forgiveness.
21 Nov 12: To that young red-haired woman barista I crossed paths with tonight at Starbucks, I guess it was a GOOD thing that I stopped in for a white-chocolate mocha to provide your location some business to pay your wages. But no, that was a BAD thing because for some reason after delivering two other orders flawlessly, you accidentally spilled my first white-chocolate mocha all over the counter and the floor. But no, that was a GOOD thing because as I enjoyed savoring your second attempt while checking email and FB in a comfy chair for a relaxing few minutes, God spoke to my heart to leave you with more than a memory of spilled milk and coffee. Enjoy the book and allow the message of His grace and forgiveness to meet a special need in your life at this moment. I pray you’ll move forward into the purpose God has prepared for you. That’s a GOD thing!! Blessings.
30 Sep 12: I posted some updated author photos on my Contact Page and on my Press Kit Page. Thanks to Memory Lane Photography for a fun photo session to update my website.
3 Sep 12: Joining forces with my “hockey buddy Bob” for the next Have A Skate With Bob event in November in Rockford, IL. Checkout the story behind his tireless battle against pancreatic cancer at Have a Skate with Bob
4 Jul 12: Happy Independence Day!! I realized I hadn’t posted anything in a long time and thought I’d better put something out here so my readers know I’m still here! I’ve been busy with “life” and continuing to seek God’s “hope and a future” for my family, friends, and me. I pray that God is moving in your life to fulfill His purposes and that you are doing your part to share His love in all that you do. God continues to use this story to touch lives one person, one reader, at a time and I pray I remain open to new divine ideas for sharing His message wherever possible. Blessings!!
30 Mar 12: Congratulations to Lee and Betty on 60 years of marriage! God orchestrated a wonderful visit between Lee and me in a Dobbs Automotive waiting room while getting our tires rotated. Thank you Lee for your service in WWII. As some of our conversation got to my late wife Melissa, I knew what I had to do. Thankfully my car was ready first and I was able to get a book into his hands before I left. Drop me a line Lee on my Contact page to say hi. Blessings on your trip to Texas.
22 Mar 12: One of my “traveling copies” of It Was Out of Love made its way from Colorado Springs to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. In Cabo, this copy was given to the next reader who was headed back to West Point, New York. This copy is racking up the miles! For anyone else with one of those traveling copies, I’d appreciate you reporting in as you send the book on its way.
17 Mar 12: Today I made the trip to Independence, MO, for the Have a Skate with Bob fund raising hockey event to fight pancreatic cancer. This event also served as the first time my “hockey buddy Bob” (as described in It Was Out of Love) and I were on the ice together since 1976. Although It Was Out of Love was a sponsor for this edition, “Have a Skate with Bob and the Missouri Mavericks”, Bob Klem went above and beyond by adding the “itwasoutoflove.com” URL to all the team jerseys. I was able to bless about 49 of the “Skate with Bob” supporters with a donated book today. Here are a couple links to picture collages about this event. One is a poster I used at the book table and the other contains candid photos taken during this event (thanks to Jeanne Smith Photography for the three event photos on the left).
Book Table Poster
It Was Out of Love at Skate with Bob
9 Mar 12: Although I didn’t win an award, Judge 29 of the 19th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards rated my book a 5-out-of-5 for plot and character development: Judge 29
29 Jan 12: The last five months have been filled with preparation to transition to a new city, a new job, a new church. Along the way, I’ve enjoyed blessing people with this story by giving them my book as God has led me to do several times. Now that I’m a couple weeks from departing Colorado Springs after 19 years, I had another fun opportunity to bless someone who has touched my life these past many months. A “shout out” to the two SUBWAY Sandwich artists I was able to bless with copies of my book today. I pray they, as you, will be blessed by God’s story of grace and forgiveness.
8 Jan 12: It Was Out of Love is a sponsor for the upcoming “Have a Skate with Bob and the Missouri Mavericks” fundraising effort against pancreatic cancer, March 17th, 2012, Independence, MO. Check out my hockey buddy Bob’s website and read about how he got started and how he continues to battle this terrible disease. Yep, this my “hockey buddy Bob” who appears in my book. Have a Skate with Bob
27 Aug 11: Had a blessed few minutes meeting Greg and Sandy at a Florissant, Colorado, scenic overlook.  Florissant, CO, was named by the same family who named my hometown of Florissant, Missouri.  Blessings to Greg and Sandy as they carry the message of It Was Out of Love with them as they travel across this nation in their 5-th wheel home!
27 Aug 11: 10 donated books on their way to Nairobi, Kenya for a Christian study group.
Jul 11: The WinePress marketing team has done an amazing job arranging some 12 radio and 4 TV interviews to date. As I transition from this phase of my book journey, I’m now also seeking God’s direction on a transition in my life while selling the house where my late wife Melissa and I shared our final days together. I pray He will guide every step of the way ahead of me. All in His timing and in order to fulfill His purposes.
2 Jun 11: I completed a radio interview in June on WCTS-AM in Minneapolis, MN. This interview on the Christianity In A Changing Culture program with Steve Davis was prerecorded for later broadcast.
31 May 2011: In May, I did two TV interviews on the same day, at Cornerstone TV studios outside Pitttsburgh, PA. The first taping was for their flagship show called Focus 4. This five-day per week, one-hour program takes up the challenge to bring the saving power of Jesus Christ to our culture. The other program taping was for His Place. This is a very creative, off-beat, talk-show format for sharing topics from a Christian perspective: His Place TV. Here’s a link to Episode 50 that includes my segments (watch whole video to see multiple parts of the conversation): His Place – Episode 50
20 Apr 11: I had yet another blessed radio interview on Family Life Radio out of Tucson Arizona (KFLR-FM 88.5 and 830AM). The interview aired at a later time on the Steve & Lorri show: Family Life Radio
16 & 17 Mar 11: God opened the doors for two TV interviews in March. The first was on Club 36, a powerful and life-changing television show reaching out to the local Augusta Georgia/South Carolina area and around the world! God led Dorothy Spaulding as she provided me the opportunity to share God’s story of love and forgiveness to the local broadcast area and to those watching on the internet. The next interview was on Body Builders TV Network. They produce Christian programs to build up the body of Christ in their St. Augustine, Florida TV studio. The programs are aired on blocks of broadcast time in 19 cable broadcast areas of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. In addition to sharing about It Was Out of Love, I was blessed to hear the testimony of other authors and be blessed by an annointed musical group from South Florida. It turned out to be a great time of praise and worship in addition to the author interviews.
12 Mar 11: It was a great day for a drive from Colorado Springs up to Boulder for a book signing at a Barnes & Noble book store (2999 Pearl St.). The event sign and book table was ideal and the staff was very helpful. It was a blessing to sell/sign some books, and visit with many of the Saturday morning patrons. To any of those patrons reading this after buying a book or picking up a pen/postcard, thanks for stopping by. I pray you will be blessed as you browse this website and experience more of God’s grace and forgiveness: Barnes & Noble — Boulder
3 Mar 11: I found an interesting book plug while checking my website links with Google. Sean Moncalieri is the private investigator who helped me find the star of my epilogue. He had posted a blog update describing how his efforts contributed to writing of my story. Unfortunately the link is no longer available, but it was a very interesting connection on this journey.
26 Feb 11: Book signing at Poor Richard’s book store in Colorado Springs, Colorado (320 N. Tejon St.).
25 Feb 11: I completed a different sort of radio interview today to capture sound bites that will be included in an edited one-minute book review to be aired on Information Radio Network (IRN) USA Radio affiliates across the country.
14 Feb 11: Today I had another very blessed 25-minute radio interview with Carol Henry on a New Smyrna Beach, Florida radio station, WKTO (88.9 FM). It was a very timely day to talk of love and forgiveness on Valentine’s Day: Moments with Carol
9 Feb 11: Had a refreshing 20-minute radio interview with Greg Taylor, filling in for Wayne Kent on a Decatur, Illinois radio station WSOY-1340-AM (link broken now).
1 Feb 11: I had a blessed internet radio interview with Linda Goldfarb today on her show called Not Just Talkin’ the Talk (KKYX).
26 Jan 11: It Was Out of Love was the topic of conversation during an in-studio radio interview with Stephanie Riggs on KRKS-FM in Denver: Divine Calling with Stephanie Riggs. Divine Calling is a “one-of-a-kind” LIVE call-in radio program about faith, forgiveness, and healing. Divine Calling Interview
14 Jan 11: James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief at Midwest Book Review, gave the story five stars. He said it was “quite the read with a powerful message” (link now broken).
6 Jan 11: Here’s a “blog interview” posted today that includes a book giveaway. I responded to various fun little questions not even related to the book and the blog post includes information and links about the book for readers: I Am A Reader, Not A Writer
29 Dec 10: This morning I had a 20-minute radio interview with Daryl Cook on a McDaniels, Kentucky radio station. It was a blessed time sharing my story as well as having the opportunity to pray, on-air, for the listening audience WBFI-FM Christian Radio Bible Breakfast Club.
15 Dec 10: This morning I had a radio interview with Greg Bullen on a Lapeer, Michigan radio station that was heard in the Detroit area (WMPC-1230-AM). Greg remarked that he was able to read the entire book and that came through in his heartfelt comments during the interview.
12 Dec 10: Posted a new book review from Nickie on her blog “Southern Expressions” (link no longer available)
2 Dec 10: **SPOILER ALERT** Here’s a link to a book review published today in a local paper, The Tri-Lakes Tribune up in Monument, Colorado. The reporter, Danny Summers, does a great job capturing the essence of this remarkable story–but I’ll caution you it is a spoiler in terms of the 30-year deception. Even if you read this review, you’ll want to read the book to fully understand how God’s grace and forgiveness won over the decades-long deception: (link no longer available)
29 Nov 10: One of the book articles on my Press Kit page was posted today on a Christian Post blog.
23 Nov 10: Here’s a new book review (and book giveaway through 7 Dec) from Terra on her blog: Heck Of A Bunch Blog
20 Nov 10: Posted a new book review from Missy on her blog “Are you there God? It’s me” (link no longer available)
31 Oct 10: The Church For All Nations It Was Out of Love “book tour” for Angel Food Ministries wrapped up today at the Liberal Kansas campus. I had a blessed drive out to Liberal to join my CFAN family members in worship. This book signing on the last day of October finishes the CFAN/Angel Food book kickoff that started back on the first Sunday in October.
27 Oct 10: Richard Blake, a Top 500 Amazon reviewer, gave the story four stars. He sure hit the nail on the head concerning the unbelievable fact I didn’t see the deception for over 30 years: Amazon.com Review
24 Oct 10: The Church For All Nations It Was Out of Love “book tour” for Angel Food Ministries continued today at our Littleton (Denver) campus. While collecting donations for a few more books toward Angel Food, I was blessed to visit with my CFAN family in Littleton.
23 Oct 10: Posted a new book review from Katherine Bartlett on her blog “Our Whiskey Lullaby” (link no longer available)
21 Oct 10: The two radio interviews this week (see links below) were such a blessing to me. I trust the Lord touched the lives of those listeners who needed to hear this story of God’s grace and forgiveness. It is great to see the numbers of books in stock at Amazon go up and down as they restock and sell a few here and there–but it is not about selling books it is about touching lives. I look forward soon to hearing from a total stranger out there who hears about the book, buys it, and then drops an email to me to share how God blessed them through the story. Particular blessings to you listeners in the southern Florida or central Pennsylvania areas who were able to hear this story for the first time on your local Christian radio station. Blessings!!
16 Oct 10: I have another radio interview coming up on Monday, 18 Oct (10:30am PT, 11:30am MT, 12:30pm CT, 1:30pm ET). I’ll be doing a 30-minute interview on a southern Florida radio station that also includes a live internet feed Grace FM Vocal Point.
10 Oct 10: The Church For All Nations It Was Out of Love “book tour” for Angel Food Ministries continued today at our southwest Colorado Springs campus. It was great to fellowship with many familiar and new faces from our church family. I was blessed as I signed books and heard testimonies of some who had already read the book since last week’s kickoff. More donations received today for Angel Food.
5 Oct 10: My next book interview opportunity will be on the “Matter at Hand” Christian talk show on WGRC radio, Lewisburg PA, Thursday, October 21st, 8:30amPT, 9:30amMT, 10:30amCT, 11:30amET. The interview will be about 20 minutes long. The radio live feed will be available via internet: (link no longer available)
26 Sep 10: My local church and three satellite campuses will be holding a book launch Oct 3rd, to benefit Angel Food Ministries. I’ll hold book signings at the Northeast campus on that date. In the weeks following, I’ll visit each of the satellite campuses for book signings: Church For All Nations
24 Sep 10: I discovered tonight that Amazon.com now has several sections of the book available for viewing (more if you are logged into an Amazon account). However, you might end up with a spoiler depending on what you read and/or you’ll be very confused. But, if seeing a little more will help you decide to read the full story of God’s grace and forgiveness, then “read at your own risk.”
23 Sep 10: My next book interview opportunity will be on the “Matter at Hand” Christian talk show on WGRC radio, Lewisburg PA, exact date in October being finalized (website has live internet feed as well): WGRC Christian Radio
22 Sep 10: Presented my book in a brief segment on internet radio this morning: Crusade Radio
17 Sep 10: The DRM-Free ePUB E-book format is now available on the WinePress Publishing site and the Kindle format is available at Amazon.com (see links on Purchase page). Other E-book formats will be available in the near future on Sony and other distribution channels as they this book to their listings.
10 Sep 10: It has been such a blessing this week to place the book into the hands of people who didn’t realize they were anonymously included in this bizarre story. I sense God demonstrating His ability to turn “evil” to “good”.
3 Sep 10: Praise God, I received a supply of books at home today and the books can now be purchased at the links on my Purchase page.
29 Aug 10: The first copy of my book is now in my hands! The publisher overnighted the first copy to me this weekend and shortly, they will be into the warehouse distribution system and ready for ordering.
24 Aug 10: The book trailer video is finished!! I added YouTube and Vimeo links on my home page.
13 Aug 10: Going to print! Hoping to have my first copy in hand before Labor Day. I posted a brief excerpt of the CBA Retailers+Resources book review on my Reviews page.
10 Aug 10: Received the book proof for my final review and approval. The publisher also sent some draft text for the book trailer video that I will review tonight!
7 Aug 10: A review of my book is now printed in the August issue of the Christian Booksellers Association (CBA) Retailers and Resources Magazine. It is a “spoiler” review to ensure book retailers quickly get the impact of the memoir–so not anything I’d be seeking approval to include on my website. However, I am seeking approval to quote the final sentence that provides a statement about the benefit of this story being told.
27 July 10: Received word today that the book is at the printer and the first proof copy is being prepared for my final review. The video book trailer is also under development.
22 July 10: All in God’s perfect timing–I’m still awaiting the word that my book has gone to print. In the meantime, I did learn last night that the Christian Booksellers Association (CBA) Retailers and Resources Magazine will carry a review of my book in the August issue. Hopefully this may lead to some booksellers deciding to carry the book in their stores.
02 July 10: Received final book review documents from WinePress and posted to the Press Kit page. These are shorter book reviews targeted for book review sections of print or web media. I hope to hear the book is going to print “any day now.”
14 June 10: Received some updated news from the publisher that the e-book formats will NOT preceed the paperback. The e-books will follow the printed version by about 30 days (around late August or early September).
12 June 10: Received the “print ready” manuscript and thankfully my PDF compare program revealed only an update to the WinePress Publishing logo. Time to send back the approval and get the printing underway!
08 June 10: Added a “Purchase” page now that the book is available on pre-order from the WinePress Publishing site. I’ll be adding more links as they become available after the book release in both formats.
03 June 10: Posted book cover layout on the Press Kit page after providing my final approval of the pre-press format with gloss/matte design layout.
01 June 10: Posted Chapter 1 for download on the Home page and the Press Kit page. Learned that I’ll have one more approval of a “print ready” format before printing starts. When printing begins, I’ll get a printed proof copy of the book to approve as well. This is definitely a very thorough process!
29 May 10: Completed my final reading of the typeset manuscript and provided my approval back to WinePress Publishing to go to e-book and print–no more edits! As always, it was an emotional reading for me to relive everything, but once again I ended with an encouraging vision of the hope and a future that God has promised each of us. I pray He prepares the hearts of each person who will read this story (and orchestrates getting the book to everyone He wants to read it).
25 May 10: Today I received what appears will be my FINAL typeset manuscript. Thank God for the developers of a great PDF utility program (PDF Converter Pro 6.0) that allowed me to verify, within just seconds, that only the expected changes were made. This program also will read the .pdf text out loud to me so I can listen and read along this time (and save my voice!). Shortly after WinePress goes to print, I’ll receive a printed and bound “proof” version with a cover as yet another opportunity to make sure it is all correct.
21 May 10: Approved the final versions of an article about the book that hopefully will make its way into print media. Also approved an author profile and book summary. I added these two documents and my author photo files to the Press Kit web page.
17 May 10: I made a decision today to also have my book available in e-book formats (Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad, and ePUB). You e-book lovers will likely be able to get the book about 30-days before the paperback. I’m hoping that may still be before the end of June.
11 May 10: Provided final approval of book cover treatments with matte finish and spot gloss accents.
6 May 10: Completed another full read-through of the typeset manuscript after a final round of editing. Down to three small items to update for the “final” version.
28 Apr 10: Approved the final full book cover layout after rechecking the latest publisher update.
19 Apr 10: Provided editing updates to the publisher for author profile and book review articles.  These articles will hopefully show up in targeted print media in the near future.
12 Apr 10: Received the updated book cover design today and it’s ready to go!
31 Mar 10: Provided a few final edits to the back cover text before approving the final book cover design I received this week from WinePress Publishing.
26 Mar 10: Completed a phone interview today with an editor who will write a book review and article for placement in targeted periodicals.
22 Mar 10: Provided my final approval of the color photo insert for the book.
20 Mar 10: Received printed postcards and business cards for marketing.
7 Mar 10: Completed a proofread of the second version of the typeset manuscript. I’m down to just four corrections this time.
3 Mar 10: Provided a final review and minor update to the photo page insert.
2 Mar 10: Provided my final approval of marketing postcards and a minor update to the business cards.
23 Feb 10: Received final versions of the media kit (Press Release and Promo Sheet).
5 Feb 10: Provided my final review and approval for marketing postcards.
3 Feb 10: Provided my final review and comments back to WinePress for the initial typeset manuscript.
24 Jan 10: Provided my final review and approval of the typeset Press Release and Promo Sheet.
29 Dec 09: Completed one more recheck of the media kit before typesetting and I also approved the interior layout design.
22 Dec 09: Completed a second look at the media kit updates and now moving into final formatting (One Sheet, Extended Press Materials, and Press Release).
8 Dec 09: Completed my post-copyedit updates to the manuscript and first look edits of the media kit. Manuscript typesetting will begin after the interior book layout design is completed.
2 Dec 09: Reviewing the first draft of my Media Kit and the copy edited manuscript. Lot’s of proofreading ahead of me over the next several days.
8 Nov 09: Returned my final edits to the publisher. Now moving into copy editing and preparation of marketing approach.
24 Oct 09: I’m still working through some interaction with the editors prior to copy editing.
4 Oct 09: Check out this other classic David & The Giants song, I Was Made For You
3 Oct 09: Received version 2 update to my book cover AND the fully edited manuscript. Time to thoroughly read through the manuscript, provide my approval, and then move into the copy edit phase.
19 Sep 09: Received my first sample edit for Chapter 1. The editor made several wording improvements, as expected. Thankfully, the story is intact and I’m now looking forward to the full edit in several weeks.
3 Sep 09: Had my initial call with the publicist this week and also gave my approval for the front cover design today.
23 Aug 09: A lot of activity this week with the publisher to upload photos for the book and provide marketing and publicity information. This included drafting a number of proposed questions/answers for radio/TV interviews.
11 Aug 09: The publishing journey begins. I signed a custom publishing contract today with WinePress Publishing. This won’t happen overnight–I’m expecting a 10-month development time including full editing and marketing packages.